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The Fourth of July in Santa Fe

Every city and town in the United States has their own special way to celebrate the Fourth of July. A lot of places have parades and fireworks but they also all have something unique that makes it a little different from other celebrations. I hadn’t gone somewhere else besides my hometown on the Fourth of …

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Celebrating Canada Day in Toronto

Last summer, I was in Toronto, Ontario during Canada Day which is on July 1st. Canada Day is Canada’s national holiday and it celebrates the day in 1867 when Canada was united together in the Constitution Act. Prior to the Constitution Act, there was the Province of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia but they …

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Visiting Mount Vernon

Home to the United States’s first president, George Washington, Mount Vernon has a bittersweet legacy. George Washington’s admirable leadership helped the American army win the Revolutionary War against England but on the other hand, almost 600 slaves were enslaved at Mount Vernon during Washington’s life, an important thing to keep in mind when visiting.  Mount …

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